We are a firm of Founders for Founders. We help Founders on both sides of the Atlantic grow and scale their businesses and achieve their personal and professional goals. We advise from strategy development to fundraising, from detailed planning to sustainable accelerated growth, to realization of a successful liquidity event to the ultimate wealth creation exit. Acresis is the only full service, transatlantic firm dedicated to helping Founders succeed in developing their business, selling their business and creating wealth.

Why Acresis

Our goal is to add value persistently and incrementally, starting in Year 1 and then enabling subsequent liquidity events.

For Founders

Acresis partners have been instrumental in helping leading technology and service companies succeed.

What We Do

We seek Founders who are positive and motivated for success (both growth and liquidity) and seek a partner for their journey.

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Our work ethos is based on skill, patience, experience and strategic discipline.

Fluent in Founder

  • Results that matter

    For the last 20 years, Acresis partners have been Founders themselves, and have worked directly with Founders whose companies have become some of the world’s most successful businesses. Our team has developed a number of hard and soft skills we bring to our client work.

    We help make you more efficient in speed to value and more effective at scale, measured in rate of growth and liquidity. Identifying and fulfilling Founders’ personal and professional goals are our work and passion. We are fluent in Founder !!!

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Challenges & Myths

We help Founders identify and overcome challenges and the myths that drive them. Often Founders labor under common, and sometimes contradictory, misconceptions or beliefs that actually inhibit their ability to grow profitably and to enjoy the ride along the way.

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Our Founders

Acresis Partners have created > $700M in founder wealth since 2016.

Jane Doe

Bill Thomas

Founding Partner

London and Cambridge

Jim Doe

Mark Hodges

Founding Partner

Los Angeles and Houston

Do you Want a Fellow Founder as your Advisor?

They say that hindsight is 20/20... what if your
foresight was 20/20?

Your growth is our passion. We focus you on the details that matter.