• Traits & Goals

Here are a few things we have learned about Founders, both from being Founders ourselves as well as listening to and learning from other Founders:

In our experience, Founders: 

•  Like flexibility and want to preserve their options as long as possible

•  Operate on time frames and business values differently than entrepreneurs

•  Care deeply about their employees and their families 

•  Want future liquidity events to positively impact their company and culture

•  Are passionate first about profitability and secondarily about growth

•  Abhor debt and operate very conservatively, sometimes to their detriment

•  Want to leave a legacy, professionally (industry, employees) and personally (family)

•  Are often afraid to grow ‘too much’ for fear it will threaten their ‘golden goose’

•  Accept sub-par results at times because they lack bench strength



“I view Acresis as the ‘Founder’s consiglieri’ … they've stood in my shoes and when we work together I can feel that they are operating from a position of proven experience.”

- Brian Williams, Founder, OneSource Virtual