• Challenges & Myths

We help Founders identify and overcome challenges and the myths that drive them.  Often Founders labor under common, and sometimes contradictory, misconceptions or beliefs that actually inhibit their ability to grow profitably and to enjoy the ride along the way.

Sometimes such beliefs center on Founders themselves and their own perceived role and value.  Other times it’s about their employees. And in still other cases, Founders are challenged with different functions and practices they perceive as less or more valuable than they really might be.

Learn more about Founders’ typical Challenges and Myths.


“When we began working with Acresis, they had all sorts of tools at their fingertips, from corporate development frameworks, marketing plans, investor decks, M&A deal structures, terms sheets and NDA’s.  When I have a what I think is a unique challenge, Acresis acts as my 411 directory assistance and 911 emergency response and they address it immediately.” 

- Randy Stearns, Founder and former CEO, Engineered Environments

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