• About Acresis


Acresis is the only full-service firm dedicated to helping Founders achieve their full potential. Our name means “the systematic accretion of wealth.” We are accomplished Founders providing advisory, capital services and transaction management support to drive growth, liquidity and wealth for Founders and business owners.


We aim to add value starting in Year 1 and then to enable one or more liquidity events over time. Typically, the first liquidity event occurs in less than 3 years after engagement. Acresis emphasizes Founder success through pragmatic initiatives, along with strategies for long term wealth accumulation and management.


Our clients are successful, but strive for more. Some want to overcome inertia, while others are in hyper-growth. We seek Founders who are positive and motivated for success (growth + liquidity) but not at the expense of employees, profits, or stability. We value long-term relationships with our clients, who are 100% referenceable.


Acresis brings discipline, structure and expertise to help build wealth for Founders and owners. We have the experience to know some paths are better than others, and we align our rewards with the success of our clients, for whom we have created over U.S. $1 Billion in realized and incremental value so far.


We care about the professional and personal outcomes that matter to you. Our culture is based on skill, patience, experience and strategic discipline. We live and work by a set of core values we share with clients. We seek to give and get integrity, honesty, accountability, transparency, respect and courtesy.


We are owners and operators who include C-level executives with repeated success building and selling companies to the likes of Gartner Group, IBM, KPMG, Hewitt & Associates, and HG Capital. We serve on dozens of boards and offer clients a vast eco-system of partners across industries and functions. We don’t just make introductions, we accelerate relationships and results.