MCN Associates specializes in international Human Resource management, working worldwide with large corporations as well as with entrepreneurial high growth companies providing full service HR support for global expansion. Operating across an international network, MCN combines professional expertise and three decades of experience to provide industry-leading HR consultancy, compensation and benefits support services.  MCN has recently launched its innovative All Inclusive Global HR offer which delivers total coverage for HR, compensation and benefits services for a single per month per country price.www.mcn-hr.com )

Both based out of London, Acresis Founding Partner Bill Thomas and Acresis Operating Partner, Patricia Taylor supported MCN co-founders May Wong, Nicki Walsh and Chris Davies in the strategy, negotiation and execution behind the sale of MCN into FMP Global, a Tenzing Private Equity portfolio company.

May Wong, MCN co-founder says, “Bill and Patricia brought a wealth of expertise, process and experience to us.  Selling a company is not something you do every day, and we were very aware that we didn’t know what we didn’t know.  Having Acresis at our side helped us to successfully plan for, negotiate and complete our sale.  We now look forward to scaling our business within FMP.”

“Founders put themselves on the line to build their business and a huge amount of liquidity can be created and destroyed during a sales cycle”, says Patricia.  “Helping Founders over a series of quarters to build a plan to optimize value and then navigate successfully through a liquidity event is extremely rewarding.”