• Typical Founder Needs

We find that Founders usually have “a number”… a cash liquidity figure after tax and transaction expenses they want to take off the table, even if they do not always consciously articulate it.  The real question we help them face and answer is ‘How do I get there'?

Founders ask Acresis to help them do things such as…

• Create a growth-oriented strategic plan

• Develop offerings and differentiation 

• Improve packaging and pricing

• Find and hire a line-of-business leader or C-level team member 

• Connect to high-quality external resources to for new initiatives / new processes

• Identify, assess, and acquire other companies to grow the business

• Introductions to the right potential investors, strategic partners, and customers

• Find a buyer for the Founder’s company

• Better leverage existing customers to grow the business

• Build and operate offices and operations overseas

• Develop alliances and channel partners

• Strategies to access sources of growth capital and debt

• Develop strategies and plans for liquidity events and exits including identifying potential acquirers

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“I had a very good network of external resources…  auditors, lawyers, etc. but the firms that Acresis recommended are so much better…  and Acresis always know the leaders at those organizations with real juice.”

 - Doug Klein, CFO, VIA International